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Man apologizes and returns stolen computer

Updated: 2013-10-09 19:58

A migrant worker who stole a computer apologized to the owner and returned it, Lanzhou Morning News reported on Wednesday.

The migrant worker, 17, from Huining county, Gansu province was working in the province's Baiyin city when he got a phone call in July.

His parents said that his grandfather was seriously ill and needed money. Short of cash, he stole a computer from a room next to his rented room and sold it for 500 yuan ($80).

Later that month, when he returned from his hometown, he saw a note on the wall near his rented room.

The note said the computer had important information and he immediately went to his neighbor to apologize, and promised to return it.

He went to the man he sold the computer to and got it back with help from the police.

The worker was granted bail and the case is under further investigation.

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