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China resolves to root out online rumors

Updated: 2013-08-21 21:21
( Xinhua)

BEIJING - Beijing police have detained two men accused of starting online rumors, another move marking China's zero-tolerance stance toward those who create and spread rumors.

Yang Xiuyu and Qin Zhihui have confessed to the crimes of fabricating and spreading online rumors as well as taking profits from illegal acts. Four other men suspected of colluding with them have also been interrogated.

The Internet has become greatly influential to society, and it is critical for netizens to follow an online code of conduct to create a sound virtual realm.

Deceptive information is made and spread by some people for the purpose of attracting public attention, obtaining illegal profits and maliciously provoking social unrest.

Some who create rumors think they might escape punishment, and some innocent netizens repost rumors without distinguishing right from wrong.

Seen from the lessons of previous cases, fabricating and spreading false information not only affects people's interests but also arouses panic and even disturbs the normal social order. Moreover, anyone might become a victim.

As resolve to eradicate online rumors strengthens, more measures are needed to carry out the campaign.

Relevant laws and monitoring systems should be further improved, such as imposing  harsher punishment on online rumor-starters so that they will be aware of the severe cost of committing online crimes.

Moreover, people who are affected by online abuse should take up the weapon of the law to defend their own interests and rights and fight against illegal actions.

China is a country that respects and protects free speech, but people should also bear in mind that greater online freedom is guaranteed by greater responsibility.

People should maintain moral principles and denounce any activities that harm the reputation and interests of others so as to stop the Internet from decaying into a land of abusive language and rumors.

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