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English educator Bo Bing dies at age of 91

Updated: 2013-08-19 21:27

Bo Bing, professor of English at Beijing Foreign Studies University, died of respiratory failure at the age of 91 in Beijing on Aug 17.

Bo was dedicated to teaching and researching English grammar, and his well-known books on the subject were highly popular among English learners in China.

He started his English teaching career at Shanghai Occupational School after graduating from the department of foreign languages at National Chekiang University (now Zhejiang University) in 1947. He joined the English department at the Beijing Foreign Language Institute (now the Beijing Foreign Studies University) in 1950 and remained with the university since then.

In 1998, Bo began publishing his series of English grammar books, which brought him fame and prestige as an outstanding English educator. His bestsellers include: Bo Bing English Grammar, Bo Bing English Grammar Exercises Book and An Advanced English Grammar.

In his final years, Bo focused his attention on English consultation work, presiding over consulting columns in magazines such as English World, English Salon and College English. He enjoyed special government allowances since 1992.

Engaged in English teaching for more than 60 years, Bo made a remarkable contribution to the development of contemporary English education in China.

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