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  • 2011 APEC summit

    2011-11-10 14:01

    The 19th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders' Meeting will look closely at regional economic growth, integration, green growth, energy security and regulatory cooperation.

  • 2012 G20 summit

    2012-06-14 15:11

  • 2012 BRICS Summit

    2012-03-25 21:42

    The Seoul Nuclear Security Summit, getting together leaders from 53 countries and some international organizations, is scheduled to be held from March 26 to 27. Hu will attend the summit at the invitation of President of the Republic of Korea (ROK) Lee Myung-bak.

  • 2012 Hu Asia Tour

    2012-06-12 17:31

  • Wen visits European nations

    2012-06-12 17:29

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