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  • Chronology of China-US summits since 2009

    2011-01-20 09:36
  • Major events in China-US relations

    2011-01-19 04:34
  • Major exchanges of visits by Chinese, US leaders

    2011-01-19 04:34

    Here are some past major exchanges of visits by leaders of the two states.

  • Milestones of China-US ties

    2010-02-12 07:57

    Linked as never before, China and the United States face new challenges tackling global issues ranging from the financial crisis, nuclear non-proliferation, and climate change, over 30 years after they formally established diplomatic ties.

  • Sino-US defense meetings resume

    2010-12-10 08:02

    China and the US resumed their once-stalled defense consultations Thursday in Washington in a further sign of the thawing of a stalled military-to-military ties between the two countries after a massive arms sale plan was announced by the US to Taiwan earlier.

  • China, US as strategic collaborators

    2010-12-09 08:01

    The word "war" has been appearing increasingly in American debates about China, with the range of potential venues expanding with each new "intractable" issue that arises. Pile enough of these wooden scenarios atop one another, and eventually someone will strike the match.

  • Officials agree to promote Sino-US trade co-op

    2010-11-19 11:17

    Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Qishan on Thursday agreed with US Commerce Secretary Gary Faye Locke and Trade Representative Ron Kirk to enhance bilateral trade cooperation.

  • China, US ink green energy deals

    2010-05-27 07:16

    China and the United States on Wednesday signed eight green energy deals to enhance cooperation in the sector, a move analysts said would set examples for global collaboration in increasing energy efficiency.

  • China, US look to close world's biggest trade gap

    2010-05-24 10:09

    The world's largest bilateral trade gap--and how to narrow it--will be the focus of high-level China-US talks in Beijing this week, with export barriers taking centre stage and the yuan lurking on the side.

  • China still biggest foreign buyer of US debt

    2010-02-27 11:11

    The Treasury Department said that under annual benchmark revisions released Friday, China's holdings of US Treasury securities stood at $894.8 billion at the end of December, keeping it in first place ahead of Japan.

  • China becomes biggest US treasuries holder

    2009-01-07 15:12

    China overtook Japan in September to become the biggest foreign holder of US treasury bonds, reports.

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