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  • Hu's visit to boost relations

    2010-04-14 08:21

    Latin America is a true, indispensible partner and holds great cooperative potential for China's peaceful development

  • Security experts sound cautionary note for summit

    2010-04-13 14:27

    Shortly before 47 world leaders convene for the Nuclear Security Summit, some 220 experts have not only warned that the nuclear threat to the world is real, they are also trying to recommend ways to effectively secure nuclear materials in the world.

  • Good US-China ties serve common interests

    2010-04-13 05:20

    Both China and the United States believe that a good China-US relationship serves the common interests of the two countries and contributes to world peace, stability and prosperity, said Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ma Zhao Monday afternoon in Washington.

  • China in balancing act between Iran and US

    2010-04-07 11:48

    US officials' recent remarks seem to suggest that "China could be poised to lend crucial support to White House efforts to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions", said a commentary on CNN.

  • China is good news for Latin America

    2010-03-19 08:01

    The steady erosion of US power in Latin America is in marked contrast to the increasing influence of China in the region. And China's influence is good news for the region.

  • Hu's visit significant to ties with Latin America

    2010-04-08 09:19

    Chinese President Hu Jintao's upcoming visit to Brazil, Venezuela and Chile will be significant to furthering comprehensive development of China-Latin America relations, a senior Chinese diplomat said on Wednesday.

  • Pursuing tougher, meaningless sanctions

    2010-04-12 07:14

    The pursuit of fresh sanctions against Iran to halt its uranium enrichment program may result in self-glorification for some politicians, but not necessarily in a solution for the thorny issue.

  • Hu-Obama meet will ease strained ties, say experts

    2010-04-12 07:27

    President Hu Jintao and United States President Barack Obama are expected to meet during the Nuclear Security Summit for the first time since Sino-US ties became frayed over a series of contentious issues this year.

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