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Green technologies for beautiful South China

Updated: 2013-04-01 11:24

Schueco, the market leader in energy-efficient building envelopes, has announced the opening of its central office of South China at New Times Plaza in Shenzhen, to oversee its windows, doors and façades business in the region. From the new regional office, Schueco will leverage its integrated management and service network to bring more sustainable green solutions and closer experience to customers in southern China and Hongkong.

Shenzhen - the birthplace of China's economic reform and opening-up program back in the 1980s - has always been at the forefront of China's economic rising. Today, it has become a powerhouse of technological research and development, as well as a key manufacturing center in South China. The establishment of the Shenzhen office underlines Schueco's efforts and determination to deepen footprint in the Chinese market. Commitment to China, Schueco is going to bring 360˚sustainable building solutions and successful global experiences to more customers across southern China.

"Schueco has been in the Chinese market for 14 years. We are well presented all over China with cutting-edge technologies, customized and localized systems, green building concepts and expertise in the construction industry with our local customers" said Mr. Guenter Strauss, executive director of Schueco Greater China. "As a key milestone in our long-term strategy in China, the new Shenzhen office enables us to further tap into the South China market. With a base in Shenzhen, we are able to accelerate regional market penetration and shorten the response time to fulfill customers' needs, bringing more value to our customers through an efficient local technical support network and optimized solutions."

Schueco has developed a variety of innovative products and solutions with superior functionalities and sustainable advantages, specifically tailored to the tropical climate and unique characteristics of South China. These cutting-edge solutions and technologies make it possible for private home owners as well as architects and developers to significantly improve energy efficiency in the warm weather, creating cost savings in addition to unrivaled sustainability performance.

Prior to the opening of its Shenzhen office, Schueco strengthened its leading position in the energy-efficient construction market with the successful completion of its existing projects in Hainan as well as some upcoming projects in Guangdong province. Echoing the call from the Chinese government to build a "beautiful China", Schueco aims to contribute to this vision by continuing to support its customers through innovative technologies and solutions that promote the sustainable growth of the building envelop industry in China.