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Migrant workers: dream builders in big city

Updated: 2012-06-27 17:32

Migrant workers: dream builders in big city

A worker sleeps in a tent at the construction site in Hengqin Island, Zhuhai city, Guangzhou province on June 15, 2012.[Photo/CFP] 

Du Hefu is the foreman on a construction site in Hengqin Island. Coming from Guizhou province, he has been working on construction sites with about ten workers for 20 years, Zhuhai Daily reported Tuesday.

"It's my first time working on Hengqin Island and I have been working here for 2 months," Du said, "They (the construction site) offer me 200 yuan everyday and take care of my meals and accommodation, I'm happy with the money", the newspaper reported.

His wife also works at the construction site. She helps with some heavy lifting work and makes 165 yuan each day.

Wang, 45, works on the construction site too. But her job is to cook for the workers, including her husband and son. "I can cook the food they like and also take care of my granddaughter," she said. "It's tough for her to live here but I'm sending her to kindergarten next year so she can play with kids around her age," she said looking at the child with affection in her eyes.

According to the newspaper, construction workers like the Wangs and Dus can be seen everywhere in Hengqin Island. They migrate to the island with family and make a living with their hands. They work almost 10 hours everyday. Skyscrapers, infrastructures, roads and bridges spring up under their hands. They are the real dream makers, for themselves and others.

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