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Opinions gathered on Internet law

Updated: 2012-06-08 09:29
By Xinhua ( China Daily)

The government on Thursday began to solicit public opinion on proposed changes to a 12-year-old law on the administration of Internet service in China.

The Measures on the Administration of Internet Information Services, enacted in 2000, have become outdated in many aspects due to the rapid development of the Internet and the emergence of new technology and applications, said a joint statement issued by the State Internet Information Office and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The draft amendment to the law aims to improve the administration and orderly development of Internet information services, as well as to maintain national security, and the legitimate rights and interests of the public and Internet information service providers, according to the statement.

The draft encourages service providers to launch self-discipline activities and the public to supervise Internet information services.

If the draft becomes law, an Internet supervision system will be established mainly compromised of Internet information content administrative authorities, telecommunication authorities and police authorities.

The draft also clarifies the licensing procedure for online forums and micro blog sites, and standardizes the entry criteria for websites and the management responsibilities of service providers.

More rules will be laid down for the real-name registration of users if it is passed.

Members of the public are invited to offer their opinions on the draft amendment before July 6 by logging on to, and