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Snow tourism flourishes in China's Snow Town

2012-12-21 14:56

By Liu Zheng in Heilongjiang (

Although outdoor temperatures reached as low as twenty degrees Celsius below zero, a small village, known as China's Snow Town in the Snow Country National Forest Park has attracted many visitors from other cities who have come to enjoy the unique snow which is lying thickly.

Snow tourism flourishes in China's Snow Town

Visitors take photos in front of the stone tablet marking China's Snow Town on Dec 21, 2012 in the China's Snow Town, Dahailin Forestry Bureau, Heilongjiang province. [Photo /] 


The Snow Country National Forest Park, approved by the National Forestry Administration in 2001, is located within the working circle of the Dahailin Forestry Bureau, Heilongjiang province. Rich in eco-tourism resources, minerals and wildlife resources, Dahailin Forestry Bureau is known as "the Hometown of White Pine" and "the Land of Holy Snow".

In 2012, China Snow Town was awarded the title of "National Civilized Village" by the Central Committee of Civilization.

Nearly 120, 000 travelers from other provinces in China and overseas have visited the town and the gate income has reached 8.65 million yuan ($1.39 million) with per capita consumption reaching 550 yuan. The numbers will reach 10 million in 2012, said Ning Xiaofeng, director of the Tourism Bureau of China's Snow Town.

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