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Top 10 developing counties to invest in clean energy


A post-90s team pursues their fashion dream


New arrival: Beijing Hyundai all-new Elantra


Top 10 best-performing large cities in China


A post-90s 'shepherdess'


Top 10 cities with longest working hours in the world


First solar powered public bus operates in Tibet

Industrial profits dip 4.9% in October

China's industrial profits declined by 4.6% in October, widening the 0.1% drop in September, but the profits in high-tech manufacturing rose 14.2%.

Probes of securities firms drag down market

Announcements that major Chinese securities firms are under investigation for alleged rule violations triggered a market sell-off on Friday.


  • Yi Xianrong

    PBOC redraws financial map by cutting interest rates and reserve ratio

  • Wang Xiaoguang

    Potential for China's economy lies in improved efficiency

  • Wang Tao

    Rate cuts to spur economic growth, boost liberalization

  • Wu Jiangang

    Restructuring while maintaining high growth

  • ED Zhang

    SOE reform plan looks too broad to brush out problems

  • He Jun

    Removal of 20-year-old rule a boon to banking sector

  • ED Zhang

    Economic shift shows in lack of data



China to boost nonprofit TCM services

China is planning more and better nonprofit hospitals specializing in traditional Chinese medicine in a bid to rapidly develop the country's TCM industry.


Didi launches holiday car-pool alternative to Chinese New Year train service

There is a new alternative to conventional transportation for the tens of millions of Chinese who need to travel back to their hometown during the Chinese New Year for family reunions.


Huawei, Telefonica reach agreement to promote migration to cloud

Huawei and Spanish network provider Telefonica on Friday made public an agreement for the two companies to work together in promoting the transfer of traditional business IT services to the Cloud.

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