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World leaders open Boao Forum for Asia 2015


Drought hits China's Shandong province


Trendsetters to the fore at Boao Forum


Top 9 hot-selling foreign products for Chinese babies


Traditional way of baking bricks in Hubei continues


A mini-world of landmark skyscrapers in Shanghai


Top 10 steel producers in China

Chinese economy highly resilient: Xi

Chinese President said the Chinese economy is highly resilient and has much potential, which gives enough room to leverage a host of policy tools.

China unveils action plan on Belt and Road Initiative

Principles, framework, and cooperation priorities and mechanisms was revealed in the Initiative in a bid to enhance regional connectivity.


  • Simon Zadek

    China's greening of its financial market reform

  • ED Zhang

    Ideal drivers of progress

  • Wang Xiaoguang

    Price cut needed to save housing market

  • Chen Fengying

    China-led bank to benefit all stakeholders

  • Wang Xiaoguang

    Balance economic growth and restructuring

  • Ed Zhang

    New normal means that it's business as normal

  • Wang Tao

    Strong credit growth reflects policy easing



Landmark agreements signed with Kazakhstan

China's effort to export its industrial capacity recorded another success with the signing of landmark deals with resource-rich Kazakhstan worth $23.6 billion.


Top entrepreneurs go back to school with Jack Ma

As many as 36 Chinese businesspeople become the first group of students at Hupan College to study under Alibaba Group's founder Jack Ma.


Further reductions in gasoline, diesel prices at the pump

The retail gasoline price has been cut by 240 yuan ($38.73) a metric ton, or 0.18 yuan per liter, and diesel by 230 yuan a metric ton, or 0.2 yuan per liter, starting from Friday.


Geely to invest $372m on new London Taxi facility

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co Ltd will invest 250 million pounds ($372 million) to build a new facility for the London Taxi Company in Coventry, United Kingdom, the Chinese company said on Thursday.

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Aston Martin China names new president

Aston Martin Lagonda (China) named Michael Mingshan Peng as its new President on Tuesday.

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