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Wealth fund posts lower returns


A soap maker's fragrant life


Working toward a sustainable future


Stock slide may ignite wider crisis


S. China needs to change focus to win new business


Robust demand lifts home prices in June


Hong Kong's drive for success is not in question

Govt moves to shore up market

The China Securities Regulatory Commission announced that it will reduce both the number of initial public offerings and offering sizes.

China stock watchdog to investigate market manipulation

Stocks are in a rollercoaster slide, as policy supports fails to stop margin investors from jettisoning their holdings at a record pace.


  • Mike Bastin

    Zeaplus makes a big splash with innovative branding

  • Yao Shujie

    AIIB shows center of world economic gravity moving east

  • Jean-Claude Juncker

    Creating right investment climate for future

  • Benjamin Hung

    The renminbi deserves SDR recognition

  • Rahul Ghosh

    Default risks rise as growth sputters

  • Dan Steinbock

    How the economic crash theory crashed in the West

  • Sun Lijian

    Danger as indexes diverge from realities



Central bank extends 250b yuan of MLF

The People's Bank of China extended a 6-month medium-term lending facility worth over $40 billion at an interest rate of 3.35 percent to 11 banks.


Wanda Commercial to issue $1.9 billion in A-shares

The HK-listing property developer Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties Co hopes to raise up to 12 billion yuan in the Chinese A-share market next year.


Eased travel rules boost Macao casinos

A surprise move by the Macao government to ease mainland's traveling rules and the smaller-than-expected slump in June casino revenue have given hope that the industry might finally be due for a recovery.


China unveils 'Internet Plus' action plan to fuel growth

China on Saturday unveiled an "Internet Plus" action plan, aiming to integrate the Internet with traditional industries and fuel economic growth.

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Top executive of Infor has head in the cloud

Charles Phillips, chief executive officer of the New York-based Infor, said that his company is at a critical point in its development as it seeks ways to sustain growth.

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