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Student builds business selling fruits on WeChat


Animation and comic exhibition ends in Hong Kong


Top 10 underwriters in China


Herding wild boars on a mountain


Top 9 Chinese tycoons invited to govt headquarters


Wearable toy designed to teach girls computer programming


Students spend summer break doing hard labor

China beats global brands with local tastes

With green-tea flavored toothpaste and pickled plum juice, an army of Chinese retailers is tapping local tastes to whittle away market share from global rivals.

Baidu developing 'self-driving' car

Chinese search engine leader Baidu Inc, widely known as the Google of China, is following in the Western Internet giant's footsteps by working on its own version of a self-driving car.


  • Ed Zhang

    There are good, bad industrial policies

  • Xin Zhiming

    Flash July PMI boosts confidence

  • Wang Tao

    China's Q2 growth: hits and misses

  • Xin Zhiming

    Food scandal may be tip of iceberg

  • Ed Zhang

    Concerted efforts can help boost growth

  • Wu Jiangang

    Beyond the GDP growth target

  • Xin Zhiming

    Growth unaffected by restructuring



Economic reform remains at top of Party's agenda

The country's top decision-making body said on Tuesday that reform remains its key priority after it met to discuss the progress of the economy.


Malaysia Airlines faces fight for survival

No airline before has had to deal with the crash of two wide-body aircraft in such a short span of time. And the tragic end of its flight MH17 in Ukraine may have sealed the fate.


Cosmetic surgery clinic set to make a pretty penny

The first jointly invested South Korea-China cosmetic surgery clinic in Shanghai is set to open next month, as more Chinese people are willing to go under the knife to improve their looks.


Panasonic, Tesla reach agreement on US battery plant

Panasonic Corp has reached a basic agreement with Tesla Motors Inc to initially supply the electric car maker's proposed lithium-ion battery plant with machinery to make battery cells.


Microsoft releases Siri-like tool in China

Microsoft Corp on Wednesday released the Chinese version of Cortana, a Siri-like voice assistant tool.

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