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10 European countries applying to join AIIB


10 industrial sectors of the 'China Manufacturing 2025' strategy


World leaders open Boao Forum for Asia 2015


Drought hits China's Shandong province


Trendsetters to the fore at Boao Forum


Top 9 hot-selling foreign products for Chinese babies


Traditional way of baking bricks in Hubei continues

China to implement bank deposit insurance in May

Under the new system, the government will insure deposits of as much as 500,000 yuan ($81,433) for each client's deposits at each bank.

Apple's glass provider takes crown as China's richest woman

Zhou Qunfei, chairwoman of Lens Technology - a glass provider of Apple, became the wealthiest woman in China on the company's stocks surge.


  • ED Zhang

    As you dial, a fresh force is emerging

  • Mike Bastin

    Teaming up with a giant is the way to go

  • Simon Zadek

    China's greening of its financial market reform

  • ED Zhang

    Ideal drivers of progress

  • Wang Xiaoguang

    Price cut needed to save housing market

  • Chen Fengying

    China-led bank to benefit all stakeholders

  • Wang Xiaoguang

    Balance economic growth and restructuring



Currency liberalization a slow process

Fund outflows could undermine the economy if China liberalizes its capital account too rapidly, a senior economist has warned.


Yili Group milks world of industry experience

Yili's overseas investment decisions are based on an evaluation of how such moves can improve its product portfolio and production capacity.


Downpayment ratio for second home drops to 40 percent

China's required downpayment ratio for second homes fell from 60 percent to 40 percent, as the latest measure to shore up the cooling market.


Will Honda's bet on its young design prodigy pay dividends?

Honda Motor Co will soon learn whether giving a designer with no engineering experience five years to develop a sports car is pure genius or plain madness.

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Aston Martin China names new president

Aston Martin Lagonda (China) named Michael Mingshan Peng as its new President on Tuesday.

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