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Top 11 economic data of China in 2014


Young business owner fights for his own success


Post-doctor quits math study and sells beef noodles online


Ten provoking facts about Jack Ma


Chinese designer makes a splash at Paris Fashion Week


High-end train launched to connect Yinchuan and Beijing


10 animal logos of tech companies

Moneybags investor busy mining the DPRK's art market

Investor Frans Broersen has been flying to North Korea for years with "bags full of money" and has returned with hundreds of works of art.

Alibaba quarterly revenue disappoints, shares fall

Alibaba Group's shares fell more than 10 percent early on Thursday, wiping more than $25 billion of market value after its third quarter revenue fell short of analysts' expectations.

China's local governments lower sights for growth

Virtually every provincial-level government has lowered its growth target for this year, reflecting mounting downward pressure at the local level and providing further evidence that the central government will cut the national target to 7 percent.

Market reforms reshape China's economic landscape

China ups overseas online shopping transaction limit


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    China has potential for mid-high growth

  • Ed Zhang

    New ventures offer hope in slow economy

  • Mike Bastin

    Daimler drives into Southwest China's Chongqing

  • Kitty Fok

    Finding the balance in changing global environment

  • Ed Zhang

    The year to expose 'problem cities' in China

  • Mika Bastin

    Smart money should be invested in emerging markets

  • Li Xiaotang

    A lesson for China from Russian crisis



Gree seeks sustainable growth in a slowing market

It is not easy to miss the massive complex in the Pearl River Delta city of Zhuhai that houses the headquarters of the State-owned Gree Electric Appliances Inc.


China steel industry struggles

Although China's steelmakers saw a big rise in profits last year, the industry still has overcapacity problems that have dragged prices to record lows.


Car ownership tops 154 million in China in 2014

China added a record 17 million new cars on the road in 2014 as car ownership reaches 154 million, said the Ministry of Public Security on Tuesday.

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Aston Martin China names new president

Aston Martin Lagonda (China) named Michael Mingshan Peng as its new President on Tuesday.

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