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Abercrombie & Fitch plans over 100 new stores in China


2014 World Car Awards at New York Intl Auto Show


Top 10 Chinese Internet firms eyeing IPOs in US


Cartoons and costumes at Chongqing home fair


Animal Magic


Top 10 countries with highest GDP in 2013


Leaving on a jet plane

China announces preliminary IPO list

Securities regulator unveiled a short list of firms applying for listing in the small hours of Saturday, signaling a restart of the IPO review.

US listings in doubt despite solid debut

The shares of Weibo Corp gained strongly in their Nasdaq debut, but the cloud over United States-listed Chinese stocks hasn't totally lifted.


  • Wang Xiaoguang

    View downward pressure correctly

  • Bert Hofman

    How urbanization can help the poor

  • Xin Zhiming

    China's growth remains resilient

  • Mike Bastin

    Sanpower House Of Fraser purchase 'shows ambition'

  • Li Xiaotang

    Factors behind slump in China's trade volume

  • Ed Zhang

    Stimulus very different from 2008

  • Mike Bastin

    Different cities possess different sub-cultures



MoC warns of further fall in foreign trade

As China's foreign trade unexpectedly slipped in the first quarter in 2014, the Ministry of Commerce ratcheted up its warnings about a further drop in April.


Honeywell gears up for new era of 'smart cities'

China's urbanization drive is attracting multinationals that focus on creating "human-oriented" cities with regard to comfort, safety and efficiency.


China's business aviation slackens

After a few years of powering forward China's business aviation has started to slow burdened by insufficient support.


25% of auto-industry super-rich from China

A quarter of top car-industry billionaires call China home, a list from Shanghai-based Hurun magazine that documents the life of the wealthy, showed.


Sellers making clear profits on Google Glass

As Google Inc's Android operating system enters China's smartphone market, its second-generation Google Glass device is attracting interest from Chinese consumers.

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