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Wine dealer smashes fake Chateau Lafite in Shenzhen


Qingdao grows lotus roots in fishpond


Panda-themed labyrinth seen at shopping mall in Liaoning


Chinese industries influenced by Sino-Australia FTA


Baidu introduces smart bike


Cool vehicles at Auto Guangzhou 2014


Hunting a job in the winter

Realtors get inventive to beef up sales amid property slowdown

China's property market is due to come under pressure next year because of the slowdown in economic growth, with developers strengthening marketing campaigns to stimulate sales.

Better English, better future

A study claims that young Chinese professionals with higher English proficiency can expect better career development.


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    Ma's mamas can't keep 11-11 going on forever

  • Ed Zhang

    Instructive tale of great piano move

  • Mike Bastin

    AIIB good for region, good for the world

  • Zhu Ning

    Ripple effect of growth slowdown

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    Local concerns crucial in China's outbound investment

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    The real importance of service

  • Giles Chance

    Taking China's measure by fast train



'Negative list' heads for wider adoption

China will further reform its foreign investment management system by adopting a "negative list" approach to streamline the process but the NDRC did not give any timetable.


Alen CEO: Air purifiers ready to serve a million Chinese

The high demand for air purifiers has created a competitive market. Into this battle for market share, a US-based company - the Alen Corporation - has made its debut.


TCM to play bigger role in China's medical reform: official

A health official said that traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) will take a bigger role in medical reform as TCM has advantage in prevention and health care.


Dongfeng Citroën's 1st SUV takes a bow in Guangzhou

Dongfeng Citroën revealed its C3-XR sport-utility vehicle ahead of Auto Guangzhou, with the turbocharged city SUV to launch in the Chinese market on Dec 21.


Alibaba raises $8b from first bond sale

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd raised $8 billion in its first sale of bonds at yields that were lower than originally offered after investors submitted orders of at least $57 billion to the e-commerce company.

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Oxford can play a bigger role in reflecting change

Rana Mitter, director of the new Dickson Poon University of Oxford China Centre, believes China should now be seen as a plural noun rather than as a singular noun.

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