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19th Dalian International Auto Exhibition kicks off


Top 10 most expensive restaurants in Beijing


Top 9 food safety scandals served by global brands


Summer life of a 'Migrant kid'


World's largest duty-free shopping center to open in Sanya


Top 10 newsmakers who rocked China's stock market


Chestnut, peanut and rice farmers of China

Microsoft CEO to visit China amid antitrust probe - source

It is not clear if Nadella will meet with any Chinese government representatives as part of his visit, or try to resolve issues with China's antitrust regulators.

Restrictions loosened on overseas ownership of hospitals

China is to allow foreign investors to wholly own hospitals in seven cities and provinces, further opening up the fast-growing private hospital sector.


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    Don't panic at more bad realty news

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    Rule of law gets top billing at key meet

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    Bubble Trouble: What can policy easing achieve?

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    Japan suppliers fined to protect consumers

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    Climate of opportunity

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    Rash diversification could undermine Alibaba

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    Foundation for economic transition needed



New maritime Silk Road to promote ties with ASEAN

The willingness of China and Association of Southeast Asian Nations members to build the 21st century maritime Silk Road will inject impetus into upgrading the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area over the long term.


Wanda joins Tencent, Baidu to move into e-commerce

China's leading property developer Dalian Wanda Group Co Ltd is about to set up an e-commerce joint venture with Internet companies.


Investors acquiring thirst for dairy assets

A rising demand for milk draws financing from industrial giants, private equity firms and wealth funds, reports Wang Zhuoqiong.


Volvo's XC90 drives the company into a new era

Volvo Car Group unveiled its first model on Tuesday since being acquired by Chinese company Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co four years ago.


Lenovo settles US laptop lawsuit for $70m

Lenovo will spend about $49 million to repair Lenovo IdeaPad laptops sold in the US, as well as about $20 million in cash refunds and credit to settle a 2013 suit involving the company's ultrabook products.

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Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc has big dreams in China, ones that are hinged closely to the country's rapid economic growth and burgeoning hospitality market.

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