UBS chief sees brighter prospects for 2017

Former head of German central bank sees 'upside potential' amid uncertainties.

Creating a household name on sweet note

Cem Karakas may be running the world's newest snack conglomerate, Pladis Group-established less than one year ago last April-but his ambitions to grow the company's market share in China are as big and mature as any of the veteran players in the country.

Co-working sows love across spaces

"Do What You Love" is Adam Neumann's catchphrase and no-one who has visited a location of WeWork can fail to be impressed by the bon mot that can be found just about everywhere in the company's public spaces.

Managing brands with a license to thrill

After serving as the president and CEO for Li & Fung Group for a decade, Rockowitz is now running Li & Fung spin-off branded fashion firm Global Brands Group Holding Ltd.

Stealing spotlight with best sports cars

McLaren is confident of making inroads into Chinese market, says its chief.

Churning out milk from grass to the glass

Dutch dairy giant is good at product safety and quality control, says its chief executive.

New direction to ride out perfect storm

Lloyd's sees gross written premiums on China platform more than doubling in 2016.

Going fast on digital highway

Speed will separate winners from losers in the internet age, says Honeywell's CEO-in-waiting.

Striking a chord in new headphone market

China will be his company's biggest market very soon and there is a huge opportunity to improve the quality of its communications and business, said CEO of Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co KG.

A true story of how to achieve more with less

"Doing more with less", in China's context, is to maximize the application of the "Connected Enterprise", so as to deliver the future today, Rockwell Automation's chief said.

Tempting big spenders with their own language

Italian menswear designer Ermenegildo Zegna has taken Chinese customers to heart with salespeople speaking their own language at its new and largest store in London's Bond Street.


There has been a lot of talk in recent years on whether China can keep its economic momentum going, whether the country can successfully shift its focus to innovation and high-tech industries and what the future holds for the country.

Here we have invited some of the world's leading CEOs to help understand the developments happening in this fast-changing nation, reveal the opportunities this country has to offer and gaze into the crystal ball in free and frank discussions.