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SFDA: Brain health food has never been ratified

Updated: 2012-05-11 15:32
By Liu Zheng (

The Chinese government has never ratified any brain or IQ improvement health care products, Beijing Times reported, citing a statement issued by China State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) Thursday.

With the upcoming nationwide university entrance examinations, some illegal enterprises are claiming that their products can contribute to health care for the brain, IQ and other mental improvements.

In response to the product claims, the SFDA issued a health food consumer tips, noting that products approved by the State to improve memory, relieve physical fatigue, and enhance immune system functions are not used to nourish the brain, increase IQ, or alleviate mental fatigue.

The statement also points out that consumers should use the health food products rationally and pay attention to directions of use.

Some raw materials of the health foods may not be suitable for all consumers and the products should be consumed limitedly.

In addition, the products should not be taken in place of prescribed medication - exam candidates who feel ill should seek immediate medical advice.

The SFDA also noted that qualified health food products should be bought from a reputable brand and sold on an official site, as well as be certified.

Consumers should to keep proofs of purchase and look carefully at the packaging to check the brand name, factory address, expiration date, approval number and health food mark.