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My Chengdu Story

[2016-03-04 15:50]

On a warm summer evening in August 2013, shortly after I arrived in Chengdu with my family, we set out to do some exercise. My children, Finn, aged 11, and Neve, aged 9, love to skip, so we took our 3- meter long skipping rope.

My Chengdu experience

[2016-02-04 15:11]

I left Beijing for Chengdu in September 2013, hoping to find a more agreeable way of living. And I was sure that it was necessary to stay away from the capital in order to fully understand and experience China.

My Sichuan experiences

[2016-02-04 15:11]

In 2000 and 2001 I came to Chengdu several times to discuss the projectwith local officials. Once I also accompanied my Ambassador to the opening ceremony of an early New Zealand agricultural investment close to Chengdu.

My Chengdu Story

[2016-02-03 15:11]

I fell in love with the city from the very first sight during my first visit in October 2014. I joined the official Ministry of Foreign Affairs' delegation to Chongqing and Chengdu almost at the last possible moment. I didn't know at that time it becomes my home for 4 years soon.

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