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Will e-books replace paper books?

( Updated: 2016-09-02 09:06

robert237 (US)

A vote for the e-book.

I don't have an e-reader yet but I can read e-books on my laptop or desktop. I like this far more than wrestling around with a real book. The pages flop shut if you sit it down. It's nearly impossible to search for a particular sentence. If you lose your book you're done. If you keep your e-book backed up then you can't lose it. You have to wait for a regular book to be delivered. Most regular book stores are out of business or going out of business in the US. A whole library full of books uses up a building. A whole library full of e-books

can be stored in a small, modern-day server. On the other hand the e-book is easily searchable. It's always there as long as you are near a computer (which is commonplace these days). You can easily copy and paste. It is a lot more eco-friendly. You can go online and buy an e-book and start reading it immediately. You can carry all the books you possess on a thumb drive in your pocket.

Will e-books replace paper books?

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