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Should baby formula ads be banned?

( Updated: 2015-04-24 08:15

Editor's note: China is considering a ban on baby formula advertising to help tackle low levels of breast feeding, Xinhua News Agency reported. If approved, advertisers, clients, agents and publishers could be fined up to 1 million yuan ($161,400) for each violation. What do you think? Would you support a ban on formula ads?

Cathy (China)

I had to formula feed my son. I wish I could have breast fed, I gave it my all but I couldn't produce milk. I did what was best for my son and myself. It's stupid to ban formula ads, why don't people worry about banning ads for alcohol and cigarettes, things that can as actually kill people.

Should baby formula ads be banned?

Chinese new mothers face challenges to feed their babies, either by breastfeeding or formula. Photo provided to China Daily

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