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Are budget airlines less safe?

( Updated: 2015-03-27 07:11

Frozen (US)

No. Low-cost airlines figured out a way to save on operating costs by making sure each flight was full, by offering no-frills or zero amenities on board and in its terminals, and by charging passengers for any service not absolutely necessary. Just because some airlines are "budget" does not mean they are less safe.

Are budget airlines less safe?

Thai budget airlines Nok Air's Chief Executive Officer Patee Sarasin (2nd L) poses with Boeing's Senior Vice President of Global Sales of Commercial Airplanes John Wojick after an announcement of new orders at the Singapore Airshow February 12, 2014. Boeing said Thai budget carrier Nok Airlines has committed to order 15 737 jets in a deal valued at $1.45 billion, the latest order from fast-growing low cost carriers in Southeast Asia. [Photo/Agencies]

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