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Chinglish, amusing or just plain embarrassing?

( Updated: 2015-02-02 08:38

Pleb (China)

Chinglish is great. It is a way for all of us to communicate. Teachers, step out of your square, move forward and embrace the future. I love the variations. Examples: "Soonly", "middlee", "troublee", "foot fingers" and "I will be true heartlee for this job". All of us understand what is meant when we hear Chinglish.

I also find the misspelling of signs (although amusing) actually makes me pay more attention to them. It is really not that hard to grasp the meaning, is it? This is not our country and we must respect our hosts’ kindness in trying to safeguard our well-being and security. Don't knock it. Embrace it. Also someone said they did not like the eating of chicken's feet, "pig's guts" etc. I am always asked what I would like to eat when we go to dinner. You do have a choice when they offer you the menu.

Chinglish, amusing or just plain embarrassing?

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