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Civil servants need to change

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-05-15 08:31

The civil service in China should no longer be seen as a profession that comes with an "iron rice bowl". The demand for change has not come from the public and the government alone. Many civil servants, too, want to change the character and nature of their jobs.

Civil servants need to pay more attention to their professional development, for which they need to practice career management and undergo rigorous training. Since civil servants are engaged in a wide variety of jobs, they will struggle to effectively meet the government's priorities if they lack the right skills and capabilities. What's more, they need to be connected with the activities of local communities and spend more time with local residents to understand and meet their needs.

Only when civil servants play their critical role in contributing to the well-being, security and prosperity of the people, and thus China, can they be trusted, respected and supported by the public.

ZHU SHASHA, from China Daily blog

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