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Spend Dragon Boat Festival at Ethnic Village

By Yang Fan ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Visitors to the Ethnic Village in Kunming will be able to enjoy folk music and boat racing from June 20 to 22 as part of the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival.

The festival falls on June 20 this year and has the tradition of drinking wine, holding a dragon boat race and eating zongzi, a pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves.

Spend Dragon Boat Festival at Ethnic Village

A dragon boat race at the Ethnic Village in Kunming city, Yunnan province [Photo/kunming.cn]

The Ethnic Village will arrange two dragon boat races for each day of the festival at the Golden Fish Wharf. Visitors also have the chance to make zongzi, listen to folk music at the village square and learn the bamboo dance of the Hani ethnic group.

Special foods will also be made available for visitors to have sample, such as roast chicken wings of the Jinuo ethnic group and buttered tea of the Tibetan ethnic group.

Spend Dragon Boat Festival at Ethnic Village

Members of the Hani ethnic group perform a bamboo dance at the Ethnic Village in Kunming city, Yunnan province. [Photo/kunming.cn]

Related information

Yunnan Ethnic Village is six kilometers away from the center of Kunming. It covers an area of 1,333,333 square meters and neighbors Dianchi Lake to the south and Xishan Scenic Area to the west.

The Ethnic Village is a miniature of Yunnan's ethnic people and contains 26 "villages", each representing an ethnic minority of Yunnan. The Ethnic Village also contains an Ethnic Unity Plaza, Ethnic Performance Hall, Ethnic Museum and Ethnic Wax Museum.

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