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  • Yunnan Water Industry Investment and Development Co


    The Yunnan Water Industry Investment and Development Co is a large State-owned investment company, with Yunnan provincial government backing that is involved in urban water infrastructure.

  • Yunnan Fengyuan Water Co


    The Yunnan Fengyuan Water Co works mainly still water and tap water purification and development, water resource use, and environmental protection.

  • Kunming Shipbuilding Equipment Co


    Kunming Shipbuilding Equipment Co (KSEC) is a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, KSEC’s controlling shareholder.

  • Yunnan Tobacco Company


    Yunnan Tobacco Company, about 10 km from downtown, is situated in the Kunming Economic and Technology Development Zone in Xiyi village in the eastern suburb of Kunming.

  • Kunming Hongta Wood Industry Co


    Kunming Hongta Wood Industry Co was founded in 1998. It is a modern wood production and processing company co-financed by Yunnan Hongta Group, Hong Kong Yu Cheng Trading Development Limited and Hong Kong Xuanwei Group, with a total investment of 350 million yuan.

  • Liwayway Holdings Co


    Liwayway Holdings Company, headquartered in Shanghai, is financed by Philippine Corporation and Liwayway Marketing Corporation.

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