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  • Yunnan tobacco


    Yunnan flue-cured tobacco, or Yunnan tobacco, is noted for its fine quality, shiny and plump leaves, delicate textures, golden color, high gloss and flexibility, moderate nicotine content.

  • Lunan cross-stitch


    Lunan cross-stitch is a time-honored traditional craft of the Sani people, inhabitants of the Lunan Yi autonomous county.

  • Jade


    Kunming, home to the nation's top emerald distribution center, has more than 3,000 jewelry enterprises.

  • Yunnan Baiyao


    Since appearing on the market in the early 20th century, it has enjoyed a high reputation at home and abroad for its remarkable effects.

  • Heavy-color painting


    Yunnan heavy-color painting is a painting school originating from Yunnan, in which lines are drawn with a brush on hanji and then colored with gouache.

  • Wax-printing and tie-dyeing


    Wax-printed and tie-dyed products, such as hats, dresses and wall hangings, are simple and unadorned, displaying typical folk characteristics.

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