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Kunming Yangzonghai Lake Scenic Area

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On October 9, 2009, the Yunnan provincial Party committee and government established the Yangzonghai Lake scenic spot as well as its management committee, which has been carrying out official duties since July 1, 2010.

Adjacent to the main urban area, the Yangzonghai Lake scenic spot is located in the southeast of Kunming. The management committee, 35 km away from downtown, has jurisdiction over three towns (streets), 38 village committees, 178 groups of villagers and 181 natural villages. It presides over a total area of 546 square kilometers and a total population of 95,000. As one of the nine largest plateau lakes in Yunnan province, Yangzonghai Lake within the administrative region is a natural freshwater lake with a basin area of 192 square kilometers, surface area of 31.9 square kilometers and gross-reservoir capacity of 604 million cubic meters. It belongs to the Nanpanjiang river basin of the Pearl River water system. With its picturesque scenery and clear lake water, Yang Zonghai Lake is known as “a lake with crystal-clear water and a jewel in the plateau”.

The region of Yangzonghai Lake is abundant in natural resources. There are large reserves of coal and phosphorite, with about 2 million tons of annual output of lignite in Tangchi town. Mainly composed of semi-humid evergreen broad-leaved forests, coniferous forests and mixed broadleaf-conifer forests, the area enjoys a high forestry coverage rate. The geothermal resources are abundant, and over 4,000 cubic meters of geothermal water is produced daily, with the highest water temperature reaching 72 C. There are 113 enterprises across the region, including 12 companies above the designated size, and 2,238 individual businesses. Well-known enterprises at home and abroad like Yunnan Dashan Drink Co, a joint venture with Nestlé Group, and other enterprises such as Yunnan Aluminum Co and State Power Yangzonghai Electricity Generating Co have also settled down in the region. The region also boasts many brand vacation resorts, such as Lakeside golf course in Spring City, which ranks first in Asia; globally renowned Hong Kong Brilliant Resort & SPA; Town of Overseas Chinese, an ecotourism town[s1] ; the Yunling Mount sport center of ecotourism; the Yangzonghai Aozi Mount comprehensive resort of Stone City leisure tourism; and the Yangzonghai Willow Bay hot spring tourism area for fitness.

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