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Top 10 bars

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Top 10 bars

Cui Pub

This bar is located at the west gate of Green Lake Park, the center of Kunming’s tea and wine culture. It brings together the elegance of classical courtyards and the luxury of contemporary design. You can kill time in the afternoon over a cup of tea by the lake or enjoy music from a band in a cozy environment with a drink.

Address: West Gate, Green Lake Park, Wuhua district

Tel: +86 188-8712-8903

Vue Bar

This bar brings you an unforgettable experience, from the food to the drinks. In addition to enjoying the singers, you can have a drink while soaking your feet!

Address: 20 Honghua Bridge, Wuhua district (opposite the provincial library)

Tel: +86 871-6509-6888

Le Procope Lounge

This is a franchised pub with a unique style. It is headquartered in Tianjin. You can sit or lie down outside and enjoy music with a drink. The cocktails are indispensable, made to your taste by excellent bartenders, and leave a good aftertaste. You can also party here with friends.

Address: Dingxin St, Wuhua district

Tel: +86 186-6901-6097

Han Bar

The first floor of this pub has singers that perform for guests, while the second and third have rooms made for memorable birthdays or wedding parties.

Address: C4-21, Tropical Garden Mall, Xishan district

Tel: +86 136-0886-2166

Black Stone Bar

From the drinks to the decorations, this bar exudes a unique charm where you can escape daily pressures completely. Live performances are a visual and acoustic feast.

Address: Near Z044, Guandu district

Blackman Bar

This is Kunming’s first basketball-themed bar with a graffiti basketball court and limited editions of Michael Jordon basketball shoes. Relax with a bottle of chilled beer after shooting behind the arc, enjoy the atmosphere, or sway to R&B music with friends.

Address: Xinghe Pub St, Xishan district

Tel: +86 136-4888-9140

Pukka Bar

This bar is avant-garde in style and fit for young people. Here, you can chat and drink with friends to music and forget all your troubles.

Address: 11 Wenlin St, Wuhua district

Tel: +86 871-6381-0009

Coco Park Bar

This bar offers cheap food and services. It has two floors and a rural style. It’s full almost every day, with guests sitting on the sofa and a relaxing atmosphere where bright colors create a good mood.

Address: No 22, Wenlin St, Wuhua district

Tel: +86 871-6531-6673

Mr S Bar

In spite of its short existence on Wenlin St, this bar has years of managerial experience, along with considerate arrangements and a design that reflects the owner’s earnest nature.

Address: Wenlin St, Wuhua district

Meet Bar

This is the ideal place for getting together with friends or holding office parties thanks to the comfortable atmosphere and fashionable style.

Address: 44 West Jingbin Rd, Wuhua district

Tel: +86 871-6337-6808

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