Love's twists and turns

By Zhou Wenting ( China Daily ) Updated: 2015-02-23 09:13:59

2. Taking the plunge together

Love's twists and turns

Pushing thoughts of sharks and deep sea denizens out of his mind, Brian Ju sunk to one knee and proposed to his diving enthusiast girlfriend in a particularly appropriate way.

Ju and his girlfriend, Nancy Lu, went on holiday to the Philippines in October. They went on a diving trip, during which Ju knelt on the ocean floor in front of a huge banner hanging on a wall of coral asking, "Will You Marry Me?"

As she swam toward him for a hug, he whipped out several flash cards to help him pop the question. On the cards was written, "I love studying all the time", "Especially underwater", "I've got a question that I need your help with for the answer", "I love you. You love me. So...", "Will you marry me?"

After she gave him a thumbs up indicating "yes", he opened a giant clam to reveal the engagement ring. With Lu giggling behind her scuba mask, they performed an underwater kiss before surfacing to celebrate.

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