A feast from nose to tail

By Mike Peters ( ) Updated: 2014-07-24 10:46:24

A feast from nose to tail

Dumpling Delight 

A feast from nose to tail

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The club’s quarterly dinners are soon to go monthly, and last month Cunningham invited guest chef Yao Yang to help him create a whole-pig menu using secondary cuts and offal.

The two had teamed up for a fundraising dinner last year, and found they had a great time cooking together.

"Yao really did it all," Cunningham laughs. "I was there to make sure it all came together in our kitchen."

The dinner was a hit after about a month of planning, practice and some really bad jokes in the kitchen. Yao, creator of the restaurants Saffron and Chi, is also a well-known food blogger and star of the culinary TV show Yao Yang in My Kitchen.

Presentation was key: While all edible parts of the pig were used, there were no potentially disturbing body parts on plates such as the opening course of braised pig’s hock, with unrecognizable curls of crispy pig’s ear, pork jelly, radish and cucumber salad.

Other courses: Japanese-style roasted pork belly with soy glaze and sake-braised vegetables, and braised pork neck and preserved belly with crispy skin. (Dessert was a meat-free peanut sorbet.)

Next up for the club: A kimchee making and pairing dinner with guest chef Andrew Ahn of Ssam on Aug 6.


Feast at East hotel 22 Jiuxianqiao Road


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