Monkey King cartoons through the years

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Monkey King cartoons through the years

A scene from Flying Monkid. [Photo/From the Internet]

Flying Monkid

This 74-episode animated TV production initially aired in 1992. The storyline somewhat deviates from the original story, where the protagonist is not as arrogant as the images portrayed in other reproductions. The Monkid is kind, has real friends, and his own share of troubles and dreams. The adorable illustrations were also praised as one of the major revisions to the original story.

Journey to the West

In contrast to Flying Monkid, CCTV's reproduction of Journey to the West adheres more strictly to the original storyline. More than 2,000 illustrators worked to depict most of the details in the original novel from roughly 500 characters in this 52-episode animation.

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