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Terrorism, extremism biggest threat to Uygur culture

[2014-07-04 13:31]

Five years after fatal violence left nearly 200 dead in the city of Urumqi, the concussion created by the watershed incident has not died down.

Terrorism will never hinder progress

[2014-05-05 07:39]

However, the terrorists' attempts to defy the government and create panic and plant the seeds of hatred among different ethnic groups are doomed to fail.

Fight terrorism on all fronts

[2014-05-07 07:25]

Since inland provinces have realized that terrorism poses as a big threat to them, they have vowed to join hands with the central and other provincial governments to root out terrorism from China.

There is no logic to terrorism

[2014-05-27 10:38]

The recent terrorist attacks prove that terrorists are using deadlier techniques in order to cause the maximum damage to the people and the State.

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