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Remove 'breeding ground' to fight terrorism: Chinese FM

[2015-03-08 14:52]

The key to fighting terrorism is to remove its breeding ground, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sunday.

War on terror no reason for retreat on rights

[2015-02-26 07:43]

Global terrorism should not be a warrant for retreat on citizens' rights, as China's first Counter Terrorism Law sends a welcome signal in this regard.

Anti-graft watchdog vows to net more 'flies'

[2015-01-21 04:33]

President Xi Jinping told Party committees at all levels on Tuesday to support judicial departments to independently exercise judicial rights, coordinate with them and create a favorable environment for the departments to carry out their duties.

Turkey to help in foiling suspects from Xinjiang

[2015-01-15 05:32]

China is to strengthen law enforcement cooperation with Turkey to combat terrorist suspects from Xinjiang entering the Eurasian country illegally.

Beijing to test anti-terror mechanism prior to APEC meeting

[2014-08-31 06:45]

Beijing police will launch an eight-week secret inspection on anti-terror precautionary work to guarantee security for the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting scheduled to be held in Beijing in November.

China's police chief vows tough anti-terrorist measures

[2014-08-06 15:46]

China's minister of public security has pledged severe punishment and tough measures to crack down on terrorism.

Beijing police teach bus drivers anti-terror tactics

[2014-07-24 09:13]

More than 300 bus drivers and conductors were taught anti-terror procedures by Beijing police on Wednesday after two bus arsons this month.

Guangdong to reward terror informants up to half million RMB

[2014-07-13 21:22]

Police in Guangdong province will offer rewards up to half a million yuan ($80,000) for those who give information about terrorist attacks, terror suspects and their funding activities.

SCO members to stage anti-terror drill in China

[2014-06-26 21:17]

Code-named "Peace Mission 2014",the joint military drill will take place in Inner Mongolia and will not target any third party.

China launches crackdown on online terrorist material

[2014-06-20 14:01]

China launched a campaign on Friday to rid the Internet of audio and video materials that promote terrorism and violence.

Urumqi shuts down markets amid terror threat

[2014-06-16 19:18]

Morning and night markets in Urumqi, capital city of far west China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, have been shut down because of the threat of terrorism, local authorities announced on Monday.

College students receive anti-terror training

[2014-06-12 07:29]

An anti-terro lecture featuring techniques in defending against and preventing from terror actions was held at the Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing, on June 11, 2014.

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