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China passes revised law for army facilities protection

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-06-27 13:21

BEIJING - China's top legislature on Friday passed a revised law to improve protection of military facilities, adding provisions on waters and airspace under military control.

Aquaculture is banned in military waters, and non-military facilities are not allowed in such areas, according to the revised law.

Fishing or other activities must not affect war preparedness, training and performance of military ships. Any activities that threaten operations and confidentiality are prohibited. Anyone who damages border or marine defense facilities may face a detention.

The law also bans unapproved low-altitude flying over military zones. High buildings are not allowed in the military airport reserve zone. No aircraft may enter restricted airspace before gaining approval.

The revised law was passed at the closing meeting of a bimonthly session of the National People's Congress Standing Committee.

It clears the definition of the "military forbidden zone" and "military management zone," and expanded protection by adding border and coast defenses.

The law also bans any obstacles that could interfere with radio equipment and disturbance to the electromagnetic environment.

Those who damage the military radio electromagnetic environment and disturb military radio-communications may face prison.

New military facilities should go through safety and environment impact assessments, consider local economic and social needs, and comply with urban and rural planning rules.

Abandoned or unused army facilities should be dismantled or given over to civilian use.

Illegal entry of military forbidden zones, including barrack, is outlawed.

The law also applies to facilities used for research, production, testing and storage of weapons and equipment.

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