Interview: Huang Ruxiang, Yunnan and Utopia

The third film of YNFP The Peach Blossom Land is in in pre-production and has attracted the Media attention. Director Huang Ruxiang got the interview of an International Website.

Ten original films. Ten young female directors. Ten locations in Yunnan Province. This is the premise of the Yunnan Film Project...

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Female directors debut
One of 10 female directors chosen by Yunnan New Film Project, Yin Lichuan joins the 16th Golden Rooster and Full Blossom Film Festival with her debut film, "The Park."
"The Park" and "The Case" at  Black Sea Film Festival

"The Case" Dazzles at Hollywood China Film Festival
A press conference is held in Beijing September 5 to announce the selected films for The 3rd Hollywood China Film Festival.
Young Chinese directors shines in   Asian & Arab Cinema Festival
'The Case' was chosen to enter the Festival's new competition First Films from Asia. As a sign of merit the Osians Cinfan officially invites Yunnan New Film Project to exhibit all ten films in India for all Indian audiences' enjoyment.
'An Impressive Case' in 10th Shanghai International Film Festival
Yunnan New Film Project 'The Case' and 'The Park' both have been separately invited to attend the Shanghai Film Festival, in screening and in competition respectively.
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The Park
Aug. 3-7, Sunny/Rainy, Scene 3: The "first" intimate meeting of the lovers.

Aug. 3-7, Sunny/Rainy, Scene 2: Man-made rain falling outside

The Case
May 25: On the way for The Case (I)

May 25: On the way for The Case (II)

Film Geography

Bamboo-made houses

The hometown of Han people

Horsegangs at Dehon

Beautiful Shangrila

New hairstyle

Dian Lake in Kunming

Shuhe Town in Lijiang

Water-splashing festival

Lugu Lake in Lijiang

Peach Blossom Land in Wenshan
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