'An Impressive Case' in 10th Shanghai International Film Festival

by www.siff.com
Updated: 2007-09-06 17:45

Shanghai International Film Festival is one of 12 Competitive Feature Film Festivals recognized by the FIAPF. Compared to other festivals accredited by FIAPF such as Cannes and Berlin, the Shanghai Film Festival is much younger but since its beginning in 1993 it has become an important event in the cultural calendar. Up till now, the film festival has already attracted 4569 films from more than 60 countries and regions. Each year alone a total of 300,000 audience number is achieved.

Yunnan New Film Project ‘The Case’ and ‘The Park’ both have been separately invited to attend the Shanghai Film Festival, in screening and in competition respectively. Following the unconventional Press Conference where guests where given a bunch of flowers flown directly from Yunnan and handed a cup of Pu’er tea there have been over 100 press reports.

During the festival international authoritative film critic Derek Elley arouses enormous interest in the industry through his rave reviews of ‘The Park’ and ‘The Case’ in American film professional magazine Variety. ‘The Case’ is said to be "an impressive first feature" while ‘The Park’ "a well scripted debut" "with performances to match".

At the Shanghai film Festival Asia New Talent Award ‘The Case’ is awarded The Most Popular Film as Voted by University Students. The prize goes to reiterate the appeal of the film with modern audiences.

Hawaiian Film Festival President Mr. Bole during an interview for sohu.com Entertainment made a special mention of [Yunnan New Film Project]. Sohu.com Entertainment: Which film at this Film Festival has attracted your interest?

Mr. Bole: "I have people who select films for me to look at. For me personally I am most interested a female director film project, ten female directors make ten film which are supported by the Yunnan Government, already completed and screened at the film festival ‘The Case’ directed by Wang Fen and ‘The Park’ directed by Yin Lichuan"

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