"The Case" Dazzles at Hollywood China Film Festival

Updated: 2007-09-07 15:53

A press conference is held in Beijing September 5 to announce the selected films for The 3rd Hollywood China Film Festival. A total of ten films from China are to be screened: "The Knot", "The Case" "Love In The City", "My Dream", "Tokyo Trial", "The Sound of Tibet", "The Red Jacket", "The Longest Night In Shanghai" "Getting Home" and "PK.COM.CN."

One of the main objectives of the festival is to introduce Chinese new films to American audiences. The participating ten films all have their own unique style. Film Festival organizers have taken special notice of "The Case" referring to the film’s themes that are "black, full of desire, lost, sex, death and nightmare. " Further noted that the film blends commercial elements of sex, murder and suspense, with art house film aesthetic and probing questions, plus experimental use of narrative, all combined to achieve a dazzling result.

"The Case" Director Wang Fen and Lead Actress Wu Yujuan are special guests invited to participate in the ceremony. During an interview Director Wang Fen said that the Hollywood China Film Festival is an important platform for the exchange of film culture between the East and West, and a wonderful opportunity for new Chinese films to be introduced to a worldwide audience. "The Case" has been said to be "New Wave" to the extent that it reflects contemporary life and the state of people in a modern society. Incorporating unconventional elements, such as Yunnan music that is full of unusual sounds as a backdrop to the male protagonist’s heart that thumbs in rhythm. The Lead Actress Wu Yu Juan also expressed how she was stretched as a performer in her portrayal of the nagging wife and hope that viewers would appreciate this truly new type of Chinese film in all it’s vibrancy.

Chinese Films Overseas Promotion General Manager Zhou Tie Dong also made a special mention of how "The Case" is distinctive as in addition to the individual storyline being brilliant, it is part of a unique film project. It is just one of ten films by ten female directors shooting in ten different locations in Yunnan and all with commercial and artistic values. The director of the film "PK.COM.CN" Xiao Jiang will also participate in [Yunnan New Film Project] with a film called "Pu’er Tea".

After Film Festival the ten films will be shown in five Chinese cities as well as go on a touring exhibition that will include Los Angeles, Vancouver, and several cities in North America.

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