"The Park" and "The Case" at  Black Sea Film Festival

by http://www.blackseafilmfestival.ro
Updated: 2007-11-16 17:21

Early in September, [Yunnan New Film Project] producer Lola traveled to Mamaia, Russia to bring ‘The Park’ and ‘The Case’ to the 3rd Black Sea Film Festival.

Founded in 2005, the five-day festival has become a major attraction for tourists as well as major industry players. According to the organizers since the 1990s, Eastern European countries have experienced huge economic reform, which have caused a decrease in film production. The Festival is meant to act as an important film market for Central and Eastern Europe films.

This year is also China and Russian Culture Year, and in order to facilitate cultural exchanges the Black Sea Film Festival held a special program called "Chinese Film Festival”. Exhibitors, producers and viewers saw "The Park" and "The Case". The China that emerged was totally different from their expectation, one that is of contemporary times.

In anticipation, October this year, "The Park" and "The Case will have their domestic release.

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