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  • Poll shows strains in China-Japan-S Korea ties

    2012-11-26 08:10

    A recent poll showed that the majority of the Japanese public are not looking favorably on their neighbor China amid Japan's political turmoil.Special: Diaoyu Islands Dispute

  • S. Korean lawmakers leave for disputed islets claimed by Japan

    2012-10-23 16:38

    Fifteen South Korean lawmakers on Tuesday left for a set of South Korea-controlled islets claimed by Japan in the latest development in the decades-old territorial dispute, the parliament's national defense committee said.

  • Japan, S. Korea tensions continue

    2012-08-24 03:07

    Bilateral spats continued to erupt as Seoul protested Tokyo's accusation over their disputed islands, and Tokyo refused to accept its letter that Seoul returned.

  • Japan refuses to accept letter returned by S. Korea

    2012-08-23 21:55

    Japanese government refused to take the letter, written by Japanese Prime Minster to South Korean President, returned by Seoul Thursday, reported Asahi Shimbun.

  • Unconceivable for S. Korea to return letter: Japan

    2012-08-23 15:47

    "It's an unusual action in terms of diplomatic protocol," Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura commented on the decision made by South Korea of returning Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda's letter on Thursday.

  • Bitter remarks ramp up dispute between Seoul, Tokyo

    2012-08-23 07:40

    Tokyo has been accused of "cutting off" all dialogue with Seoul, as bitter remarks between South Korea and Japan continued on Wednesday over their disputed islands.

  • Civil defence drill held in Seoul

    2012-08-22 18:15

    Government employees working at a district office evacuate from a building during a civil defence drill to test preparedness against chemical, bio-logical and radiological attack in Seoul August 22, 2012.

  • Japan ambassador to return to S. Korea

    2012-08-22 17:05

    Japan will have its ambassador to South Korea return to Seoul, said Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba on Wednesday.

  • ROK rejects proposal in island row

    2012-08-22 07:51

    Tokyo's proposal to take the territorial dispute over islands claimed by both Japan and South Korea to the International Court of Justice was dismissed by Seoul.

  • Japan mulls diplomatic shake-up

    2012-08-21 08:07

    Japan is mulling over breaking its diplomatic deadlock with its neighbors, yet a series of planned diplomatic reshuffles may not make huge a difference.

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