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  • Memorial service for Nelson Mandela

    2013-12-13 15:41

    The Embassy of the Republic of South Africa held a memorial service in Beijing to commemorate Nelson Mandela, the country's former president and anti-apartheid hero.

  • Chinese say their goodbyes

    2013-12-11 01:20

    As South Africans braved driving rain and cold to honor Nelson Mandela, Bheki Langa was surprised to find that Mandela was so loved by young Chinese.

  • Chinese VP expressed condolences at Mandela's memorial service

    2013-12-10 21:01

    Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao on Tuesday expressed deep condolences and paid high tribute to the late Nelson Mandela, saying Chinese will always cherish his contribution to China-South Africa ties.

  • Chinese VP expressed condolences at Mandela's memorial service

    2013-12-10 20:57

    Chinese VP expressed condolences at Mandela's memorial service

  • Xi leads China's tributes to Mandela

    2013-12-07 01:25

    President Xi Jinping expressed deep grief on Friday over the death of Nelson Mandela.

  • Two books on China inspired Mandela

    2013-12-07 01:21

    Described by his own people as a great leader with a fine strategic mind, Nelson Mandela read many books, especially biographies of revolutionaries, for knowledge and inspiration.

  • Learning from Mandela while writing about him

    2013-12-06 15:23

    After reading more than five works of a million words, Li Yong finished writing his 100,000-word book, Freedom and Forgiveness: the Biography of Mandela.

  • President Xi mourns Mandela

    2013-12-06 10:50

    Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday expressed deep grief over the passing of former South African President Nelson Mandela, who died Thursday at the age of 95.

  • Premier sends condolences on Mandela’s death

    2013-12-06 12:12

    Premier Li Keqiang sent sincere condolences on the death of former South Africa president Nelson Mandela on Friday morning.

  • China mourns passing of Mandela

    2013-12-06 09:23

    China on Friday expressed condolences over the passing of Nelson Mandela and praised the former South African president as "an old friend of the Chinese people."

  • Mandela influenced by China's Long March

    2013-12-06 11:02

    Not many foreign leaders are written about in Chinese textbooks. But millions of Chinese high school students have learned about Nelson Mandela, who was introduced to them as a true freedom fighter in their English classes.

  • Mandela's history with the Middle Kingdom's books

    2013-12-06 10:50

    Nelson Mandela read many books for knowledge and inspiration. On his long reading list were two books about China: Red Star Over China and The Art of War.

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