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  • Make a change, invest in the future

    2012-12-06 02:20

    If Chinese consumer incomes were as high as those in Qatar, and the prices of cars and gasoline were as affordable as they are here in its capital city, I have no doubt we would have even more large SUVs on our roads in China.

  • Welcome to 'real world' of climate change

    2012-12-04 15:58

    There is no rich-poor divide in emissions obligations, according to one wealthy country responsible for huge greenhouse gases emissions that has yet to sign on to make binding cuts.

  • Cold facts of a warming world

    2012-12-03 19:20

    The Doha conference is barely halfway through, but it has become abundantly clear already that a resolution on any key issue is unlikely to transpire.

  • Doha is going the Durban way

    2012-12-03 09:29

    The annual theatrics of the climate change conference has entered the second half of its intense but, by all accounts, futile negotiation process in Doha.

  • Focus of Doha climate talks

    2012-11-30 09:20

    This is the first time that the UN climate change conference has been held in a Gulf country.

  • Climate talks must generate more solutions

    2012-11-29 08:02

    The recent economic slowdown of the world's second-largest economy has raised global concerns, though its growth still keeps a relatively fast pace of about 7.5 percent.

  • NGOs to play greater role in advancing climate talks

    2012-11-29 07:56

    NGOs should fully play their roles in promoting climate negotiations in Doha, China's chief climate change negotiator said.

  • China faces challenges as clean-energy leader

    2012-11-09 08:40

    The frequent stories about smog in China are covering up a development going on relatively unnoticed ... the rise of China as the clean-energy giant.

  • Sharing green responsibilities

    2011-12-23 08:35

    All countries, especially the developed ones, should fulfill their responsibilities to fight climate change.

  • Govt urged to commit to binding treaty

    2011-12-09 09:40

    After nearly two weeks of stalled progress at the UN climate change conference, a young American attracted high attention by calling for "a real, science-based climate treaty"

  • 2nd commitment period still top priority

    2011-12-07 08:50

    The second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol remains the top priority of the United Nations climate conference in Durban, South Africa.

  • Green Climate Fund should be fast launched

    2011-12-06 13:59

    The Africa Development Bank (AfDB) Climate Change boss said Monday that the Green Climate Fund should be launched in the Durban climate conference.

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