Time to build a fund to retrieve relics from abroad

By Peter Fuhrman ( China Daily ) Updated: 2016-06-18 10:56:22

Active buyers

Wealthy Chinese are already active buyers of Chinese antiques at global auctions. That's great. But, China's national heritage belongs to all Chinese. Its proper home is inside the nation's public museums. Though American, I intend to donate my collection, including my grandfather's jade works, to a museum here in China.

The range of Chinese artistic genius is more vast than any other civilization, from Zhou Dynasty bronzes, to Han and Tang terracotta objects, to fine Song ceramics along with Ming and Qing imperial porcelains, intricate huanghuali furniture, cloisonne, Buddhist sculptures from the Sui dynasty, Song and Ming paintings, jade objects from Neolithic times all the way through to the 20th century. On and on.

In the last Five Year Plan, it was stated that culture is the "spirit and soul of the nation" and a powerful force for the country's development. I couldn't agree more. Art is among the most powerful and lasting expressions of China's soul and genius. It needs to become more of a living and familiar part in every child's life.

The author is chairman and chief executive officer at China First Capital.


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