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Looking for the Masterplan

Date: Sept 23-7:30 pm

Venue: The Bridge Cafe

Price: 50-100 yuan

Why was the capital originally placed on the Huabei plain? And where the bloody hell is the first ring road? "Looking For the Master Plan" is a crash course in Beijing's urban development. Through this talk you will get a clear understanding of how Beijing became the city it is today. Using our own collection of original maps of Beijing, Beijing Postcards has created a very visual presentation of the development of the Northern capital, from a maze of hutong alleyways to a megacity with over 20 million inhabitants.

Contact: 156-1145-3992

BJDW 2015: Sustainability and New Forms of Making

Date: Sept 25-Oct 7-10 am

Venue: Parkview Green

Price: Phone for prices

One of Beijing's prime retail locations Parkview Green FangCaoDi is a new BJDW 2015 Design HOP core area, featuring a multifaceted program addressing a community of creators, makers, designers and visionary ventures that operate at the crossroads of various disciplines with a pronounced interest on the impact new technologies and augmented production techniques generate on our daily endeavours. With the aim of forging a new platform for exchange and dialogue open to a wide range of young discerning prosumers in China, the program looks at gathering innovation-driven projects that inspire and shape new meanings for the role new forms of making and co-creation can play as habit-and-awareness-shaping processes.

Contact: 010-6500-5511

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