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THE WEEK Dec 7: Actor performs miracle?

Updated: 2012-12-07 17:24
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Actor performs miracle in Shanghai?

Actor John Travolta attended an event in Shanghai, China, this week. The event's emcee had a friend who had recently broken his ankle in a car accident. Travolta, a Scientologist, saw his chance to step up and help using a healing method Scientologists call an assist. Basically, it involves rubbing your fingers on the injured part of a person's body. And that's it. It's pretty similar to what preachers on TV in the US do. Anyway, according to Travolta, he healed the guy’s ankle. A miracle!

TV host tries to trick magician

An American magician travelled to the Dominican Republic this week to appear on a local talk show. During the filming, the show's guest host seemingly tried a little trick of his own. And it ended very, very poorly. Now the magician is suing the TV host, calling the mishap a crime.

Girl admits to crimes in online video

A teenage girl from the United States went on a crime spree this week, taking drugs from a car, stealing a car and robbing a bank. She may have gotten away, but instead she decided to make a seven-minute-long Youtube video to show off what she had done and flaunt the cash and drugs for the world to see. Since the video went viral, the girl was arrested for all of her crimes, and police were able to recover nearly all of the cash she stole. Her reason for doing these things: The government took custody of her baby. That was probably a good decision.

This wacky world!

A Colombian couple has been living in an underground sewer for more than 20 years. They rigged the place with electricity, brought in a bed and television, and they live with their dog.

A man in Nanyang, China, trains monkeys for a living. He also lives with them. But the weirdest part is that his wife, Jiao Xinzhen, breastfeeds them.

Russia is recovering after a snow storm caused a nearly 200-kilometer traffic jam that lasted multiple nights. Might be time for some new roads.

Fox News has been reporting about a so-called "war on Christmas" that has ruined the holiday season. The people truly ruining the holiday season are the people at Fox who make up stories about a war on Christmas and get people angry during the best, most loving time of the year.

This week's best viral video comes from an NBA matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets. Listen to the commentary. The Lakers just "pooped their big-boy pants!"

THE WEEK Dec 7: Actor performs miracle?

THE WEEK Dec 7: Actor performs miracle?
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THE WEEK Dec 7: Actor performs miracle?
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