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Laowai Not: Follow me @beijingemily

Updated: 2012-08-23 14:32
By Huan CAO (chinadaily.com.cn)

Emily, 24, an American girl living in Beijing, spends much of her time bike riding through the city's hutong and snapping photos with her smart phone. She uses a photo-sharing application called Instagram, on which she has an audience of more than 73,000 people.

Emily said gaining so many followers has changed the way she uses Instagram. While she used to post photos of her new shoes or friends, for example, Emily now feels she has a responsibility to her followers. Since most of her audience is Chinese, she is more thoughtful now about how she portrays life in China through her phone's camera lens. This is her story.

Video: Huan CAO

Translator: Yu Yichun

Producer: Flora Yue

Laowai Not: Follow me @beijingemily