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HK business in the mainland: Jungle Wong

Updated: 2012-06-11 16:34
By Lu Yanyu & Lou Yi (chinadaily.com.cn)

Jungle Wong is a senior partner of Human Capital Advisory Services (HCAS) in Deloitte Consulting in China. For nearly 20 years, he has been resolving human capital issues for Top 500 Global Corporations and State-owned enterprises in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. He deals with issues such as human resources integration in mergers and acquisitions, human resources process design, talent management and human resources management system design and implementation.

In 1997, Wong chose to work in the Chinese mainland in cities like Shanghai and Beijing. He said he felt the Hong Kong market was mature and had little chance of new business; the Chinese mainland market, he said, held great potential.

He said, back then, the differences between the Hong Kong and Chinese mainland markets were vast. For instance, it was hard to find satisfactory and convenient office buildings; people still rode bicycles rather than driving to work; a lot of people took showers at their place of employment due to the lack of individual shower rooms at home. However, now, he said that the fast development of the Chinese mainland economy has made the distinction grow increasingly vague.

For some talented workers from Hong Kong who want to develop their careers in the Chinese mainland, Wong suggests they actively integrate themselves into the local culture and pay attention to learning Mandarin.

HK business in the mainland: Jungle Wong

Reporter: Lu Yanyu

Videographer: Lou Yi & Cong Ruiting

Video: Lou Yi

Producer: Flora Yue