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THE WEEK April 20: Practicing English

Updated: 2012-04-20 18:02
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

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White House staff gone wild!

What's happening in the White House this week? Employees of United States President Barack Obama went a bit crazy, bring about loads of criticism and complaints. First, Secret Service agents, the men in charge of protecting the president and other officials, were accused of hiring prostitutes while on an official trip to Colombia. The story made international news after an argument over payment erupted between an agent and one of the women. But it didn't stop there. The General Services Administration, which basically acts as the White House office manager, is under fire for spending $823,000 in tax dollars to party in Las Vegas.

Upcoming test? Have a beer!

A new study suggests that drinking may improve your performance on exams. A study out of the University of Illinois showed that people who drank two pints of beer before taking a quiz scored better than those who were completely sober. Could that be true? In my opinion, drinking before class is a very bad idea.

Practicing English

In less than 50 days, high school students in China will be taking the college entrance exam, a required test that decides which universities a student can attend. The test includes a wide variety of subjects, including English, which for some Chinese students seems like an alien language. For those of you who are a little worried about the English portion of your exam, this video might just help you prepare. And if you have bigger dreams, try speed reading.

Rock out with Rakhee!

This week, pop culture expert Rakhee Morzaria breaks down a mind-blowing rap performance from a music festival in California. Plus, she tells how to prepare and what to expect when rapper Lil' John comes to Beijing on Sunday, April 22.

This Wacky World!

Japanese scientists grew hair on a bald mouse, which may be evidence that they have cured baldness. My girlfriend tells me that I'm starting to go bald, so this is the best news I've heard in a while.

A monkey-enthusiast from Japan has become the fastest man on all fours. The man imitates the way monkeys run, and he even hosts a month-long training program to teach people the skill. He's so much like an animal that a hunter has actually shot at him.

A group of church-goers in New Zealand have released plans to build a cardboard cathedral. The $4.1 million paper church will seat up to 700 people. Religious following already seems to be crumbling, so a cardboard church may not be the best symbol.

P.S. The Week crew would like to send a special "Thank You!" to our contributor, Clark Cahill. After assuming many different roles during his nearly one year with the show, Clark is moving on. Thanks for making us laugh, Clark. We'll miss you.

THE WEEK April 20: Practicing English
THE WEEK April 20: Practicing English
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THE WEEK April 20: Practicing English
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