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Miroslav's exhibition opens in 798

Updated: 2012-03-31 17:53

An art exhibition featuring the work of Miroslav Cipar opened in Beijing's 798 Art District on March 29.

"I believe in the line, especially in its bareness, cleaness, and solitude. The point is a little thing, the plane is much, but there is the space above them..." declares Miroslav Cipar

As one of the most successful Slovakian artists, Cipar devotes himself to art and design. He is also a member of the Public Against Violence movement, and his drawings manifest his view on the world.

Frantisek Dlhopolcek, ambassador of the Slovak Republic to China, said looking at Cipar's paintings makes us all stop and think for a moment. After seeing the exhibition, it leaves your mind full of thoughts, impressions and ideas, he said.

The exhibition will be open until April 15 at Bloom Gallery in 798 Art District. Admission is free.

Video: Lin Hanqing

Voiceover: Lin Hanqing

Producer: Flora Yue