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THE WEEK March 2: 2012 Academy Awards

Updated: 2012-03-02 19:03
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

2012 Academy Awards

The 2012 Academy Awards took place last weekend, and films like The Artist and Hugo earned a handful of golden Oscar statues. The building was full of the big screen's best talent, but what was the real show-stopper? Here's a hint: It's gone viral.

Basketball at its finest

The Oscar ceremony wasn't the only place where the stars gathered this week. Basketball's biggests stars took the stage for the NBA All-Star Game. To break down the game's most memorable moments, and to take a look back at this month's CBA All-Star Game, let's consult Clark Cahill.

Lawmaker's wife says,“No!”

The award for most embarrassing performance of the week goes to a politician in the US state of Virginia. State officials have been discussing a bill that, if passed, would require women to receive an invasive ultrasound treatment before receiving an abortion. Many women strongly oppose the bill saying it intrudes on their private parts. After arriving home from a government work session, one lawmaker who was supporting the bill found out the hard way that his wife was opposed. At his next meeting, he told his colleagues what happened.

Torpedo in the trash

Workers at a recycling plant in the US Puerto Rico found an unlikely piece of trash. An active torpedo was found among the piles of materials. Officials may not know how the torpedo ended up there, but I have a pretty good guess.

This wacky world!

An x-ray revealed that a woman in China has been living with a thermometer in her lungs for the last 44 years. I don't know what she looks like, but I bet she's super hot.

Rumors surfaced this week that struggling golfer Tiger Woods originally wanted to become a Navy SEAL, America's most highly skilled group of soldiers. If his recent golf game says anything for his ability to be a solider, let's be glad he dropped that dream years ago.

Residents of a small village in Namibia are claiming an alien-animal-beast is eating their livestock. Villagers described the beast as having a head like a dog, shoulders like a pig and a body spotted with white hair. Someone should tell them not to worry; it was just Lady Gaga.

THE WEEK March 2: 2012 Academy Awards

THE WEEK March 2: 2012 Academy Awards
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THE WEEK March 2: 2012 Academy Awards
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