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The looming food crisis in Asia: Changing tastes

By D J Clark (
Updated: 2011-07-06 14:01
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The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation predicts that the demand for meat will double before 2050 as global urban middle classes rise. Yet meat production uses eight times the resources to produce the same calorie value as cereal crops. In the preceding parts of this series Clark has made the case that Asian populations are rising faster than food production and that if nothing is done we are on course for a future food crisis. In this part Clark investigates the role of markets and governments in managing access to food.

The looming food crisis in Asia: Changing tastes

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By D J Clark

Logistics: Vincent Go

Voiceovers: Lin Hanqing & Yu Chenkang

Animation: Interactive Media Students, Yujiawei (Ruki), Caozhiguo (Carlo), Linwenqi, (Sammy), Liyang (Willam) from Raffles Changchun International College, Visual Communication Department

Executive Producer Flora Yue

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The looming food crisis in Asia: Changing tastes

About D J Clark

D J Clark has worked worldwide as a multimedia journalist for more than 20 years. As well as working for China Daily he runs an MA course in Multimedia journalism at Beijing Foreign Studies University and is the Director of Visual Journalism at the Asia Center for Journalism in Manila, Philippines.