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A girl at a boys'school

Updated: 2011-05-12 10:55
By Feng Xin (chinadaily.com.cn)

A girl at a boys'school

                                                              Mountaineer Lamo

Studying at a nearly all-male school makes Lhamo special. As one of the two girls at the Tibet Mountaineering School, she acts like the big sister to many.

The 25-year-old climber began her career eight years ago and has challenged Qomolangma and Cho Oyu.

Every time before entering a mountain, Lhamo and her teammates go to a temple and worship Buddha, she said.

“I would also call home and tell them we are about to lose signals so that they know,” she said.

Lhamo is currently doing second-year medical studies at Tibet University. When asked what she would do if she no longer climbed, she said, “I will climb. I will always climb.”

Lhamo paused a few seconds. She continued, “Maybe I can be a doctor for our school.”


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