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Dining amongst the stars

By Christie Lee (
Updated: 2010-11-29 09:58
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When it comes to food, some people will pay close attention to its nutrition, or whether it's healthy or not, some may even travel across the world looking for the most authentic local cuisine, but actually sometimes food can be a lot more than taste.

At Hilton Beijing Wangfujing, a dinner can be pretty much like a flowing gallery, where each course brought forth becomes a piece of art to be appreciated. It may also be a show when champagne pops the start of the night and six of the world's most acclaimed Michelin-rated chefs – each contributing a single dish to the feast – fly in from different parts of Europe to Beijing just to present their cooking skills for a selected number of guests, one night only.

To go with each course, there is a different wine, to help bring out the best flavors.

Seated among the twinkling stars, listening to the stories behind each edible masterpiece, dipping your tongue in ingredients delicately chosen from around the planet, isn't it a dream?