Beijing blossoms for Oct 1

By Christie Lee (
Updated: 2010-09-29 16:22
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China's National Day holiday is just days away, and officials decorated Tian'anmen Square with multiple flower beds to celebrate the country's 61st birthday,turning the world's largest public square into a massive garden.

In the center of the Square, nearly 400,000 flower pots are arranged to resemble a giant peony, which is the national flower of China.

The garden stretches 50 meters long in diameter, with a fountain in its center, symbolizing the prosperity and peace of the country and its people.

On both sides of the Tian'anmen Square where themed three-dimensional flower beds were set for previous National Day celebrations, there is a much simpler look this year. The Monument of the People's Heroes is also surrounded by colorful flowers.

Apart from the Tian'anmen Square, you can also enjoy the blossoming beauty along Changan Avenue, which has 11 flower statues specially created for the National Day.

Reporter: Chris Clark

Video: Christie Lee