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By Yu Chenkang (
Updated: 2010-09-16 16:56
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If you do a search on Ping Guo (Apple) and Shu Ru Fa (Input method) in Baidu, you will find Sun Pinyin at the top of the search results.

Years ago, Zhang Lei, Sun Yong, Xue Wei and Cao Yuhao worked on developing the Sun Pinyin - a Chinese character input method project by Sun Microsystems. This input method was developed to serve Chinese users.

Sun Yong, one of the Sun Pinyin contributors and a Mac user, found that the MacOS system doesn't offer an easy input method for users. So he ported Sun Pinyin to the MacOS system.

Sun said most Mac users are perfectionists. After he ported Sun Pinyin to a Mac platform, many Net friends such as "Chai Kefu (Tschaikov)", "Mike" and "JJgod" helped with advice and help.

They are very appreciative of the netizens' advice and help to improve Sun Pinyin. And as software engineers, they have a story about developing the Chinese input method and how to face the phenomenon of "pick your pen, but forget how to write."

If you want use it, download Sun Pinyin here!

Script & Video: Yu Chenkang

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